Exhibitions - Laying Electrical Network

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Exhibitions & Events – Laying Electrical Network

Our exhibition & events section undertakes the work of creating temporary electrical network for exhibitions and other events. GEPL is committed for safety, quality and timely delivery of its services to clients. We feel proud to mention that we are leader and a preferred choice of exhibition organizers for more than a decade time.

While creating electrical network for any event, we strictly follow IE rules, CEA regulations, National Electrical Code, IS 5216, IS 3043, IEC-60479, NFPA 70E to ensure safety not only against mechanical injuries but against electrical hazards like electric shock and electric fire, also.

Our Services

  • We design the electrical network & create it at exhibition/ event venue in time.

  • Fleet of qualified & skilled engineers and technicians who are focused on three aspects- Safety, Quality & completion within Stipulated Time.
  • Our team ensures that they place CO2 or DCP fire extinguishers near electrical panel area.
  • Ample availability of electrical cables, panels, distribution boards and other materials. The materials used are of reputed make which is physically inspected/ tested before installation.
  • All panels & distribution boards have failsafe design which has circuit breakers installed & set at appropriate ratings with fault zone discrimination.
  • Our distribution boards with particular type of RCCB isolate the electrical supply of downstream circuit, not only in case of earth leakage but in case of probable electrical fires, also.
  • Our panels and distribution boards are built for IP class (IP 54 onwards) suitable for outdoor installation.
  • Each socket outlet is controlled by MCB/RCCB which ensures protection to each power supply point.
  • We supply CPCB compliant Diesel Generating sets of capacity 32KVA onwards at venue which are enclosed in acoustic enclosure and fitted with Circuit Breaker of appropriate rating, Energy meter and Hour meter.
  • We make use of cable protector for passing vehicles and also display caution notice to avoid “trip & fall” incidents for the people walking over these cable protectors.
  • We use energy efficient LED lights to illuminate exhibition venue with adequate lumen level and minimum power consumption.
  • Our team carries out thermography test of critical points in electrical network to identify hotspots and take required action if needed, well before opening of event.
  • We use our precision Power Quality Analyzer, in case of any power quality issue or other work related to power measurement.
  • Each technical member in our team is given training on “Electricity & Safety” followed by assessment.
  • We have our in-house team to carry out civil work required while laying electrical network
  • We are equipped with set of tools, tackles and instruments to carry out job with perfection.