Electrical Maintenance

Maintaining the performance and reliability of electrical supplies are critical to operations in any industry. We are specialized in maintaining transformers, switchgear, breakers, protective relays, switches and other critical components.

Operating and maintaining high voltage systems requires experienced engineers & technicians with specialist skills. GEPL fulfills this requirement for our customers through operating and maintaining their High Voltage networks (HV switchgear, transformers & substations) up to and including 33kV equipment.

GEPL Maintenance team have developed maintenance strategies for clients and carry out agreed maintenance contracts over short and long term options. Our experienced & skilled electricians are committed to help client when unexpected electrical failures occur. Our 24 hours emergency service ensures that we will be there when you need us.

The Maintenance department undertakes following activities but not limited to.. We have been serving many industrial, commercial, institutional & domestic customers for more than a decade time. To name the few, are as follow

GEPL prepares Maintenance schedule & checklist for the electrical equipment, switchgear & panels with reference to OEM manual & related Indian standards, codes & practices. The checks on health of following electrical network components are carried out during maintenance-

  1. Ring Main Unit (RMU) up to 22 KV
  2. High Voltage Circuit Breaker
    • Vacuum Circuit Breaker up to 33 KV
    • SF6 Circuit Breaker up to 33 KV
  3. Protection Relay (HV side)
  4. Transformer- Oil filled & Dry Type
  5. Low Voltage Panel- SFU & Circuit Breakers
    • Air Circuit Breaker
    • Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
  6. Protection Relays (LV Side)
  7. Capacitor Bank
  8. Power Distribution Boards

The testing and commissioning of high voltage electrical equipment is a highly specialized activity. With every HV electrical installation our trained engineers carry out their specified area of work to the highest technical and safety standards.

The activities that are undertaken in Testing & Commissioning are-

  1. HV and LV cable Testing– IR & HV Test
  2. Transformer Testing
    • IR Test
    • Ratio Test
    • Vector Group test,
    • Magnetic Balance Test
    • No load Test
    • Load Test, if required
  3. Transformer oil sample testing (DGA, electrical breakdown, acidity, water content etc.)
  4. Switchgear Testing – Insulation Resistance (IR) & High Voltage (HV) Testing
  5. Breaker Contact resistance measurement, Time interval Test
  6. CT Ratio, Polarity checks, Dielectric Strength, Excitation Curve, Secondary Circuit Continuity
  7. PT Ratio, Polarity checks, Dielectric Strength
  8. Neutral Voltage Displacement
  9. Panel Interlocking arrangement
  10. Earthing Measurements
  11. Protection Relay setting
  12. Protection Relay Testing- Primary and Secondary Injection Timing Tests

We carry out detection of cable fault location on either over ground or underground LV cables & HV cables up to 33kV.

We also manage the required civil work to expose the problematic cable and undertake jointing.

Our cable fault location services include the following:

  1. Meggering to Identify the faulty cable
  2. Phasing
  3. Pinpointing location of fault
  4. Carry out Safe cutting of the Identified Cable
  5. Arranging Jointing Materials and Cable
  6. Meggering of healthy Cable Portion
  7. Jointing of Cable
  8. Meggering & HI Pot Testing
  9. Termination of Cable
  10. Charging Power Supply

Cable jointing & terminations form the successive part to “Cable Fault Finding”. In case of cable failure in an existing installation, it would be prudent to go in for removal of the damaged portion and replace this section with a new length by jointing with the healthy portions of the cables.

We are specialized in providing High Voltage Cable Jointing services. We offer this from LV to HV cables up to 33 kV.

We can joint cables in any of following type-

  1. Straight Through Joint
  2. Transition Joint

Every cable, whether it is LV type or HV type needs proper termination with earth conductor so that a cable run can be connected to a piece of equipment, usually a circuit breaker, a transformer, a motor and so on. GEPL uses proper termination kits with proven test results in order to provide faultless terminations. Our teams are trained to current up-to-date technologies such as cold shrink, heat shrink products from reputed manufacturers such as Raychem & 3M. Our highly experienced teams of skilled jointers have performed this task successfully in shortest possible time for our valued industrial & commercial customers.

The various types of termination kits used by GEPL are-

  1. Indoor termination kit
  2. Outdoor termination kit
  3. End sealing kit

GEPL offers Infrared Thermographic Imaging services for condition monitoring as a part of proactive maintenance of electrical panels & equipment. This services also forms a part of Electrical Safety Audit (ESA).

We use FLIR Thermography Camera for this purpose. We follow the stringent standard which takes into account, the heating effect of electrical current flowing through the object under thermography, fairly. This completely eliminates misleading analysis of hotspots captured in thermography.

Thermographic Imaging is useful to our clients

  1. To avoid incident of short circuit or fire due to incipient faults, slack in termination etc.
  2. To identify loss producing conditions and help to minimize unplanned outages
  3. Allow for controlled scheduling of repairs around production schedule
  4. Reduce downtime, which can cause an unwanted interruption to the business
  5. Improve the useful life of electrical switchgears & equipment